Hot Off The Press

Hot off the Press: Opportunity to try Dramatis for FREE at our Chichester Open Day!

Having run classes and courses for adults and children in Bognor for over a year, we’re excited to be making our first steps into Chichester with the launch of new Dramatis classes at Roussillon Park from 23rd October!

Keen to get a feel for what Dramatis is all about but don’t want to sign your life away too soon? We’re holding a series of workshops for both adults and children at our Open Day on Saturday 12th October.

Magic and Mystery
5-6 year olds
10.00am to 10.45am

Come and join us as we begin a journey into the exciting world of magic. Make your own magic potion, harness new found powers and travel to a far off land to solve a mystery. This workshop will comprise Mime, Movement and improvisation to take your children on an adventure to exercise their imagination and creativity in a safe and inspiring way.

Revolting Rhymes Workshop
7-9 year olds
11.15am to 12.00pm

What really happened when the wolf blew down the pigs houses? What made cinders sisters so mean? And just what brought goldilocks to a life of crime? come and explore these questions and more as we delve into Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes. Expect fun games and a chance to act out your own new take on these classic children’s stories.

Adults Introduction to Drama
Ages 18 plus

1pm to 2pm
Leading up to our Adults drama course ‘putting on the skits’ commencing October 23rd this FREE workshop is a low key, fun and informal taster of what we will be doing on the course. If you have never done drama in your life, perhaps have before, but want a more lighthearted approach, then come along! There will be warm up exercises, script reading and a chance to meet some new people. Everyone 18+ welcome! spots are limited so please email us to book your space.

Numbers for these free workshops are limited, so please register yourself or your child by emailing

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