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Dramatis Students take part in Amberley Museum’s Anniversary Celebrations

On 16th and 17th November, Dramatis pupils got out of their usual class surroundings and headed up to the beautiful surroundings of Amberley Museum to take part in their 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Located in the heart of the South Downs National Park, the Museum is dedicated to preserving the industrial heritage of the South East.  With 36 acres to explore and over 40 exhibits to visit, it is the perfect place to discover the South’s working past.

Up until the late 1960s, the Museum site was a working chalk pits where chalk was quarried and burnt in kilns to produce lime. So as part of their Anniversary celebrations, the museum held a weekend bringing to life its chalk heritage with an interactive event called ‘Chalk, Walk & Talk’.

As part of the event, one of the old buildings was transformed into a Victorian school in which Dramatis teachers and pupils invited visitors to step back in time by putting on a series of classroom based sketches.

Under the stern eye of the School Mistress (and appearances from Headteacher, Mr Stone) Dramatis pupils got into character as Victorian students. Dressed in traditional costumes, the pupils recited poetry, took part in cleanliness inspections and learnt about the British Empire. In keeping with the harsh reality of the era, punishments were doled out in the form of dunces hats and the cane. Playtime brought some welcome relief with pupils taking to the grounds and playing traditional Victorian games. The chalk theme was gently incorporated into the script; from writing on the board to playing hopscotch.

Huge congratulations to the pupils who took part: Ruudi Galloway, Liv Sidall, Sophie Hiller, Chloe Chown, Finnley Crockford, London Hackett, Eva Makgill and Agnes Robson. You were all superstars!

And thank you to the Dramatis Supply Teachers and Associates for their roles in running the school: Jack Tutt, Peter Morris, Hannah Rose Ames, Daphne Morris and Graham Duxbury.

There has been some excellent coverage of the event in the local press including the Chichester Observer.

We hope to put on more immersive performances with local organisations, so watch this space for further info!

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