Dramatis partners with Chichester Development Trust to bring the history of Graylingwell Hospital to life!

Here at Dramatis, we’re big fans of Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) and their motto – “building community spirit by supporting local initiatives and making positive changes”.

Set up in 2009, the organisation helps individuals, small charities, voluntary organisations and business start ups to become successful and sustainable by creating spaces and supporting projects. It does this in three key ways – by looking after community heritage buildings, by providing affordable spaces for hire and by running community projects. All profits from their work are re-invested back into the local community.

Graylingwell Chapel is one of the community buildings that the CCDT looks after on behalf of the community.  Since 2015, they have been working with their partners to redevelop, refurbish and rejuvenate the Grade II Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come.

After struggling with the impact of Covid and rising prices, last year they ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign (raising over £30,000!) which got them across the line and the new space will be opening next month!

The CCDT have planned a huge range of events and activities to help local residents learn more about the building and its history, and most importantly encourage people to use the space to connect with others.

From Music Performances, Comedy Gigs and Sport Talks to Art Workshops, Floristry Classes and Storytime sessions, there’s something for everyone.  

We are very excited to be leading two separate drama based workshops as part of this activities programme. The CCDT gave us access to the Graylingwell Hospital archives, from which we have unearthed some original play-scripts performed for entertainment in the Graylingwell Hospital Theatre and plenty of other documents that helped give a sense of the building’s fascinating history.

From this research, we have created a Graylingwell Script Reading & Recording workshop on 19 and 20 March and a Graylingwell Monologues – Recording our history workshop on Sat 9 and Sun 10 April.

During the Graylingwell Script Reading & Recording workshop, participants will read and act comedic scripts aloud to revisit one of the forms of entertainment that took place at Graylingwell. Then at the Graylingwell Monologues – Recording our history workshop, participants will use exercises and games (including exploring the history, physicality, and voice of the person) to build a character from a monologue.

The 2-day workshops cost £70 per person (plus booking fees) and audio recordings from both will be used as part of the Graylingwell historical audio recordings featured in the Chapel.

For more information about the events or to book a place, CLICK HERE.

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