Mission, Ethos and Values


To nurture individual personalities and build key life skills such as confidence, empathy and self-expression.

To give pupils a solid foundation of the performing arts, rooted in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

To bring the community together to explore the world of performing arts in a relaxed and low-pressure setting.


Our name is taken from ‘Dramatis Personae’, a term that means ‘the characters of a play, novel or narrative’.

Without the characters, the play wouldn’t work, the narrative wouldn’t make sense, and the story simply wouldn’t exist.

At Dramatis, our pupils, parents and teachers are integral characters to our narrative. We believe that everyone in our Dramatis family is valuable, and everyone has their ‘something’ to offer.

Core Values

Our work is characterised by our COAKS values:

Confidence – It’s not all about jumping on stage and performing to a crowd. We use exercises and techniques to encourage pupils to believe in themselves so we can build their inner confidence and self-esteem and help them in their day to day life.

Originality – In a constantly changing world, we believe originality is key. We get to know our pupils and build them up on the basis of what they enjoy and are good at (not what the world might like them to be!)

Articulate – We want our pupils to be able and feel comfortable, to express themselves in every area of life. We equip pupils with the tools to communicate effectively; to speak assertively, fluently, and clearly, to be truly heard.

Kindness – This will always be number one for us. The theatre industry can be known for being quite cut-throat, but we believe kindness is extremely important. We encourage our pupils to be kind to themselves and to each other and to work together as a team to build each other up.

Skills – Last but by no means least, we are of course here to help pupils hone their performance skills; from mime, physical theatre and improvisation to sight reading skills, voice work and screen acting, there is a huge amount to learn!