When Covid-19 first sent us into lockdown, we adapted our courses and classes and moved online.

Our Online Programme was run over Zoom and included an element of working as a group, working alone and receiving individual, personalised tuition. Online Classes and Courses all culminated in a different type of filmed performance which was uploaded to The Dramatis Online Stage (a YouTube account) so participants could share with family and friends or use for future auditions.

From Sept 2020, we will return to in-person classes. We are following all government guidelines including:

*Ensuring class sizes are a maximum of 10 people
*Adhering to social distancing: 2 metre guidelines within the classroom will be marked out with red spots on the floor. 
*Providing hand sanitiser to pupils on arrival and departure of class
*Working with all our venue partners to ensure they maintain the agreed cleaning regime
*If any pupils show symptoms of COVID-19 during class, they will be isolated immediately and sent home. Parents of children in that class will be informed and directed to NHS services for further guidance.
*Track and Trace guidelines will be followed at all classes.

Should government requirements require us to discontinue in-person classes, our experience running Zoom sessions means we can quickly return an online format. As such, we will not be able to refund money for in-person classes (as all pupils will continue their courses online).