Drama Lessons

Our weekly drama lessons provide a fun and supportive environment to encourage children to express themselves.  Each term is built around a set theme (from which pupils learn a variety of social and performance skills during drama based games and activities) and culminates in a specific outcome (a digital exam, a class performance or a school showcase).

What our Pupils say
“Suzy is a fantastic teacher and I enjoy her lessons a lot. She has taught me new drama skills and I feel a lot more confident performing now. She is the best drama teacher I have had!” Tom

“I feel like drama is amazing especially if you’re not the most confident person because you can be anyone you want. I love coming to Dramatis as I get to be with other people who love Drama as much as me – we have so much fun and get to make our own pieces”. Sophie

“Dramatis is great because we have a great teacher and we do really fun stuff to create things using everyone’s ideas”. Eva

What their Parents say
“Suzy puts a lot of energy and enthusiasm into her well organised sessions and my daughter used to not like the idea of performing in front of others but now she loves it! She feels more confident, she’s learning acting, creativity and team working skills, enjoys meeting up with other children with the same passion and wants acting to become part of her life when she’s older!” Alex

“Honey was so excited about coming back to drama face to face today. Thank you for the end of term card – we loved receiving the feedback and seeing how Honey is doing. She loves your classes. You have really helped her come on with her confidence since she has started and we really appreciate all you do.” Amber

“The kids are loving it. You are doing a great job with those sessions online. Thank you so much for having done that. It is a shame we had to come up with an alternative due to COVID but what a great alternative that was. Well done to you and your Dramatis stars”. Leslie

Our two lesson groups follow a Two Year Curriculum which aligns closely with the Trinity College London drama syllabus. In the Spring term, our pupils work towards nationally recognised digital grade exams for which they receive a certificate from Trinity College London. In the Summer term, they works towards a class performance and in the Autumn, they work towards a full school showcase.

The Royal Court group (ages 8-10)
This age range is starting to understand and build their concept of acting and so for this group, we work on the building blocks of drama such as characterisation, improvisation, storytelling and basic scripts. At this age, we work with pupils to develop their confidence to perform on stage.

The Globe group (ages 11-13)
Pupils are now starting to develop their ideas and drama skills. At this point we work with pupils to build on their characterisation skills, learning new techniques such as tableau, flashback, and soundscapes. We work to develop their improvisation skills; looking at how to extend and create more exciting improv.

Lesson GroupAgeDayTimeLocation
The Royal Court8-10Mon5.00pm – 6.00pmThe Regis School
The Globe11-13Mon6.15pm – 7.15pmThe Regis School

Term Times

We offer a FREE TRIAL SESSION to all new starters so they can get a feel for what Dramatis is about before committing to booking a full term.

Each Term costs approx £120 depending on how many classes are that term (£10 per class)

Please Note:
All pupils are asked to buy their own Dramatis uniform (CLICK HERE for details).

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