Dramatis is the Drama School with a Heart for All Ages.

But what does that mean?!

Essentially, we’re a multi-generational drama school that is rooted in kindness. By creating a supportive family environment, we welcome and help build confidence in people of all ages.

We see our pupils and participants as part of an extended family, and as such, believe that nurturing their unique qualities, developing their social skills and having fun are just as important as improving their acting abilities.

Below are just a few ways we operate by this ethos:

1) We actively encourage kindness during Youth Drama Lessons and give out certificates at the end of term recognising acts of kindness that have taken place (e.g when pupils have helped each other with their lines, listened to other ideas and used respectful and constructive criticism).

2) Our Youth Drama lessons follow the Trinity College syllabus which uses a positive marking system (i.e. points do not get deducted for mistakes, but given for successes)

3) Our pupils (of all ages) wear the Dramatis t-shirt to class to remind them that they are part of the family and part of something bigger than themselves.

4) We send end of term report cards to parents/carers of our youth classes highlighting kind traits and deeds their children have shown and done during term.

5) We arrange local performances to better integrate with and give back to the local community. For example, our Adult Drama group has performed at a care homes and our Youth Drama group has performed at a local museum.