Family Nights In

Are you struggling to keep in touch with all the family during Lockdown? Are video calls proving a little painful with not much to say? Has the novelty of online quizzes well and truly worn off?

Then book one of our Family Nights In!

Combining the nostalgia of traditional games with the convenience of technology,  these one-hour sessions use Zoom to bring family members from different households together to play a series of parlour games and activities led by Dramatis. Having an impartial leader take charge of proceedings (and scores!) means families can simply sit back and enjoy the fun.

Family Nights In include a series of games which test acting, singing and memory skills (for example, the Conveyor Belt game in which a series of objects are shown on screen that contestants then have to recollect in a set period of time). There are also activities which focus on family knowledge and teamwork (like Freeze Frame, in which contestants are given a moment in time that they have to capture in a frozen statue position).

Family Nights In are for up to five households. Participants simply need a computer/laptop/iPad and access
to Zoom. One-hour sessions cost £50 (for all 5 households).

For more information or to book, contact us by CLICKING HERE