Dramatis partners with Chichester Development Trust to bring the history of Graylingwell Hospital to life!

Here at Dramatis, we’re big fans of Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) and their motto – “building community spirit by supporting local initiatives and making positive changes”.

Set up in 2009, the organisation helps individuals, small charities, voluntary organisations and business start ups to become successful and sustainable by creating spaces and supporting projects. It does this in three key ways – by looking after community heritage buildings, by providing affordable spaces for hire and by running community projects. All profits from their work are re-invested back into the local community.

Graylingwell Chapel is one of the community buildings that the CCDT looks after on behalf of the community.  Since 2015, they have been working with their partners to redevelop, refurbish and rejuvenate the Grade II Graylingwell Chapel into a warm, inviting, multi-purpose space that will serve the community both at Graylingwell Park and Chichester for decades to come.

After struggling with the impact of Covid and rising prices, last year they ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign (raising over £30,000!) which got them across the line and the new space will be opening next month!

The CCDT have planned a huge range of events and activities to help local residents learn more about the building and its history, and most importantly encourage people to use the space to connect with others.

From Music Performances, Comedy Gigs and Sport Talks to Art Workshops, Floristry Classes and Storytime sessions, there’s something for everyone.  

We are very excited to be leading two separate drama based workshops as part of this activities programme. The CCDT gave us access to the Graylingwell Hospital archives, from which we have unearthed some original play-scripts performed for entertainment in the Graylingwell Hospital Theatre and plenty of other documents that helped give a sense of the building’s fascinating history.

From this research, we have created a Graylingwell Script Reading & Recording workshop on 19 and 20 March and a Graylingwell Monologues – Recording our history workshop on Sat 9 and Sun 10 April.

During the Graylingwell Script Reading & Recording workshop, participants will read and act comedic scripts aloud to revisit one of the forms of entertainment that took place at Graylingwell. Then at the Graylingwell Monologues – Recording our history workshop, participants will use exercises and games (including exploring the history, physicality, and voice of the person) to build a character from a monologue.

The 2-day workshops cost £70 per person (plus booking fees) and audio recordings from both will be used as part of the Graylingwell historical audio recordings featured in the Chapel.

For more information about the events or to book a place, CLICK HERE.


Spring Term 2022

Whilst we hate to wish time away, it’s probably fair to say we’re all pretty glad to see the end of another disrupted year!  Things are still a way off being ‘back to normal’ and planning continues to be a struggle for everyone, but we’re excited to announce our new programme for 2022. We’ve made a few changes to reflect our pupil’s changing lifestyles and work patterns. An overview of the programme, with a focus on the Spring Term (of Jan, Feb and March) is below:

Bognor Classes will continue as normal on Wednesday mornings but Chichester classes will now operate on a Thursday evening and from a new location – Regnum Guide Hall. The Spring Term classes will focus on exploring ‘Home, I’m Darling’ by Laura Wade.

In summary:
Act Your Age: Bognor Regis
The Regis Centre (Studio 2)
Wednesdays (10am to 11.30am)
Weds 12th January to Weds 6th April (except on Weds 23rd Feb due to half term)
£180 for 12 sessions (£15 each)

Act Your Age: Chichester
Regnum Guide Hall
Thursdays (7.30pm to 9pm)
Thurs 13th January to Thurs 7th April (except on Thurs 24th Feb due to half term)
£180 for 12 sessions (£15 each)

For more info and to book, see: Act Your Age – Dramatis Community Drama School

ADULT PROGRAMME: Plays and Pinot
Whilst in-person socialising is largely back to normal, we’ve had such a good response to these online classes since starting them in lockdown that we intend to continue – but on a slightly less regular basis. We are now running one session per term. The Spring Term session will be The Watsons (by Laura Wade)

In Summary:
The Watsons (by Laura Wade)
Wednesday Evenings (7.30pm to 8.15pm)
Weds 12th Jan to Weds 2nd Feb
£30 for a Block of 4 sessions (£7.50 per session)

For more info and to book, see: Plays and Pinot – Dramatis Community Drama School

YOUTH PROGRAMME: Youth Drama Classes
We have streamlined our previous four youth drama classes into two classes. The Royal Court (aged 8-10) and The Globe (aged 11-13) will continue to run at The Regis School on Monday evenings. During the Spring Term, pupils will be working on pieces for nationally recognised grade exams (for which they will receive a certificate from Trinity College London).

In Summary:

The Royal Court (age 8-10)
The Regis School, Bognor
Mondays (5pm to 6pm)
Mon 10th January to Mon 4th April (except on Mon 21st Feb due to half term)
£140 for 12 sessions (£10 each class plus £20 for exam)

The Globe (age 11-13)
The Regis School, Bognor
Mondays (6.15pm to 7.15pm)
Mon 10th January to Mon 4th April (except on Mon 21st Feb due to half term)
£140 for 12 sessions (£10 each class plus £20 for exam)

For more info, see: Drama Lessons – Dramatis Community Drama School

YOUTH PROGRAMME: Holiday Workshops
We’re busy behind the scenes organising our next Easter Holiday Workshop. Stay tuned for details!

DRAMATIS OUTREACH: Outreach Workshops
After several delays (!) we are excited to finally be delivering a free 10 week workshop for PACSO in Chichester. This has been funded by Sussex Community Foundation and Pagham Pram Race and will focus on improving attendees’ social awareness and interpersonal skills with their peers, family and carers.
For more info, see: Outreach Workshops – Dramatis Community Drama School

Thank you to for your ongoing support and commitment to Dramatis during another crazy year and we look forward to more drama fun with you all in 2022!


Dramatis to celebrate World Kindness Day!

As a Drama School rooted in kindness, we believe that by creating a nurturing and supportive environment, we build confidence in pupils of all ages. This naturally leads to them performing better, whether that be on stage or in daily life.

From our Teaching Style and Exam Curriculum to Community Performances and Outreach Programme, we pro-actively work to create a kind and supportive environment across all aspects of the school. You can learn more about these activities on our ETHOS page.

We are supported in this mission by our partners, 52 Lives and The School of Kindness. This charitable organisation works with thousands of children every year to empower them to spread kindness.  

Saturday 13th November is World Kindness Day – an important day in our respective calendars!

World Kindness Day was first launched in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement, an organisation formed at a 1997 Tokyo conference of like-minded kindness organisations from around the world. There are currently over 28 nations involved with this event that isn’t associated with any religion or political movement. In the UK, Kindness Day UK is organised by Kindness UK, a not for profit organisation. Kindness Day UK was launched on 13th November 2010, and the event has continued to grow in popularity every year with increasing numbers of individuals, schools, charities, institutions and businesses taking part. Anybody wishing to take part in World Kindness Day or Kindness Day UK can pledge a good deed or random acts of kindness via the Kindness Day website.

In celebration of World Kindness Day, Dramatis will be running a variety of activities to spread the Kindness message!  

For our Youth progamme, we will be using resources from the School of Kindness into our lesson plans in the week leading up to the big day. Essentially, we will be using acting to help pupils explore what it truly means to be kind.

Games will include the ‘Empty Space Game’ (in which pupils sit in a circle and invite other pupils they don’t know as well to come and sit with them whilst offering a positive reason why they’ve selected them) and the ‘Kindness Fruit Salad’ (in which a series of kind deeds are read out and pupils move around the room according to which ones they’ve done recently).

Role Plays will include daily life scenarios in which pupils will act as different characters to explore why they may have been behaving in a certain way – were they bad people or just scared or misunderstood? Discussions will lead towards the role of kindness in helping resolve conflicts and stressful situations.

Pupils will also work on a Dramatis kindness collage made up of compliments pupils have said about each other. A copy will be given to all pupils to take home.

For our Adult programme, we will be encouraging pupils (both in class and via social media) to pledge a kind deed or act of kindness by heading to the Pledge page of the Kindness UK website.

We will be sharing our World Kindness Day activities via social media so keep your eyes peeled!


Dramatis partners with 52 Lives and the School of Kindness

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with 52 Lives, an organisation that echoes our ethos perfectly.

As a drama school rooted in kindness, we strongly believe that by creating a nurturing and supportive environment, we build key life skills in pupils of all ages. This naturally leads to them performing better, whether that be on the stage or in daily life.

To help us create this environment across all aspects of the business (and especially with our youth pupils), we have partnered with the 52 Lives which aims to “inspire people to be kind”.

Every week, 52 Lives helps to change someone’s life. They choose someone in need of help, share their story on their website and social media, and request what that person needs. Their kind supporters then spread the word, offer help if they can, change that person’s life – and inspire more kindness in others.

52 Lives works with thousands of children every year through their School of Kindness. They run free Kindness Workshops for primary schools, which aim to empower children by helping them realise that the little choices they make every day have the power to change the world, while improving their own physical and mental health at the same time. They also have a Kindness Fund, providing small grants to children with amazing ideas for spreading kindness in their school or community, as well as a range of free lesson plans and resources for teachers.

As Suzy Duxbury, Dramatis Principal explains: “We are super excited to be partnering with 52 Lives and the School of Kindness and have numerous activities in the pipeline which we look forward to sharing with our pupils in due course!”.

Greig Trout, Director of Kindness at 52 Lives adds: “Through our work, we help children to understand the effect kindness can have on themselves, on others and on the world. Whilst we normally focus on primary schools, we are excited to be partnering with Dramatis Community Drama School to help them in their aims to pro-actively create a kind and supportive environment that their pupils of all ages can thrive in”.

For more information, visit 52 Lives or their dedicated School of Kindness page.

Local News

Ten things for kids to do in (or near) Bognor Regis this summer


The holidays are here and whilst parents might initially be excited to see the back of the school run and kids happy to be out of the classroom, households across Sussex will soon be filled with the sounds of “I’m Borrrrrreed”.

So, we’ve put together 10 suggestions of activities your kids can take part in this summer that should soon put a smile back on everyone’s face!

In no particular order:

Air Arena trampoline park
With 74 trampolines, interactive activities and tasty food, this trampoline park in the heart of Chichester, will soon stop them bouncing off your walls!
For more info, CLICK HERE

The Base Skate Park
Set up in 2013 by two local parents who were desperate to find their children somewhere safe to skate, The Base now offers a welcoming environment for young people to practice their skills.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Amberley Museum
Located in the heart of the South Downs National Park, at Amberly museum kids can travel back in time and explore the South’s working past in a 36 acre former quarry and limeworks with interactive displays and activities.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Arundel Wetland Centre
Bring the wild to your staycation with a wetland adventure this summer. Get closer to nature, see unforgettable sights and leave the outside world behind. With wide-open spaces and wetlands full of the sights and sounds of nature, there’s plenty to see and do including a 20 minute guided boat safari.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT)
CCDT owns and manages community buildings and land, safe-guarding these important spaces for the community, and reinvesting profits to create long-term economic, social and environmental benefits. They also run regular activities, classes and events throughout the year at their venues, both for residents and the wider Chichester community. In August, they’re running a Family Upcycling event giving people ideas and inspiration to make something new from something old.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Flip Out
Flip Out Chichester is the biggest Adventure Trampoline Park in Sussex with lots of attractions to entertain the whole family. As well as the trampolines you can also enjoy an amazing Ninja Assault Course, Wipe Out, Dropslide, 3 floors of Soft Play and much more!
For more info, CLICK HERE

South Downs Planetarium Science Centre
The South Downs Planetarium Trust is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and astronomy enthusiasts who have a passion for science and education and believe that learning should be fun! They opened to the public in 2001 and are one of the largest Planetariums in the British Isles. Every month, they provide public shows where visitors can experience the magic of the night sky with expert live commentary from one of their expert astronomers.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Harbour Park
Based in Littlehampton, Harbour Park offers a day out by the beach for younger families. The rides and attractions are designed for families with children between the ages of 2-12 and there are also great places to eat as well as traditional arcade games in the Arcade. It’s a great place to gently introduce your children to the delights of fun rides.
For more info, CLICK HERE

Out of Bounds
Over in Angmering, this all-weather entertainment centre offers indoor and outdoor activities for all ages including Adventure Golf, Foot/Disc Golf, Adventure Nets, Jumping Pillows, Clip ‘n Climb, Ten Pin Bowling, Soft Play and Open Laser Tag. Perfect for an active day out!
For more info, CLICK HERE.

Dramatis Holiday Workshops
Well, we couldn’t leave ourselves off the list 😉 Our Holiday Workshops are perfect for keeping boredom at bay! Whilst they all include games and activities to ensure children make new friends and develop their social skills, these workshops are focused on a costumed performance that pupils present at the end of the week.

Our Summer Workshop will be themed around a mash-up of Disney’s Encanto and Disney Pixar’s Incredibles! Come join us as we use acting, singing, mine and movement to explore the characters and scenes! For more info, CLICK HERE.