Plays and Pinot

Plays and Pinot is our online play-reading group which brings together those who appreciate literary classics and are keen to explore them in a different way.

The 45 minute sessions are ideal for those who are unfamiliar with acting (as there are no lines to learn and no stages to perform on!)

This low pressure play-reading group brings people together via Zoom. Participants are pre-assigned characters from a play which they then read through together as small group on the afternoon/evening. Scripts range from 16th Century comedies to 21st Century dramas.

In keeping with the relaxed nature of the group, attendees are encouraged to bring along a glass of wine (or alternative beverage of choice!)

1) A few days before your Plays and Pinot session starts, you will be emailed some information about the character you’ve been allocated.
2) On the first session, the Dramatis leader gives an overview of the play and the characters (thereby introducing you to your fellow participants).
3) Each week, we read through several scenes of the play as a group (with the Dramatis leader giving stage directions) until the book has been completed. Participants are welcome to get into character and do accents or read through in their own voice. There is no pressure, whatever you’re most comfortable with – some find that as their knowledge of the character develops over the weeks, accents start to ‘slip out’ ! 

Whilst Plays and Pinot is open to adults of all ages, we find the vast majority of our participants are retired. Our groups are made up of people from a range of backgrounds – ex nurses, teachers, accountants and project managers to name just a few. No previous acting ability is required – some of our participants have done Am Dram but many haven’t done any form of drama since Primary school! 

What our Participants say

“I’ve never really done anything like this before. I love reading and I love Oscar Wilde; it was great to be able to take part in this and I look forward to the next time. I think this is such a brilliant idea, especially for people like myself who have only recently been able to stop shielding. It gives us something to look forward to in these uncertain times.” Anne

“Loving the plays, Suzy. So much fun and very much appreciated”. Marty

“Thank you once again for organising such an enjoyable and entertaining project.” Kate

Current/Upcoming sessions:

Thursday Evenings (7.30pm to 8.20pm)
Thur 8 Apr to Thur 29 Apr

Mrs Warren’s Profession
Thursday Evenings (7.30pm to 8.20pm)
Thur 6 May to Thur 27 May

Plays and Pinot are essentially £5 per session but are booked as blocks or 4 or 5 sessions (so participants can read the whole play together). Blocks of 4 sessions cost £20 and Blocks of 5 sessions cost £25.

For more information, contact us HERE. Or visit our BOOKINGS page to secure your spot.

Previous Sessions
Sept/Oct: Lady Windemere’s Fan
Nov: An Ideal Husband
Dec: A Woman of No Importance
Dec: The Importance of Being Ernest
Jan: The Country Wife
Jan/Feb: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Jan/Feb: Pride and Prejudice
Feb/Mar: Heartbreak House
Feb/Mar: Lady Windemere’s Fan
Mar: What Every Woman Knows