Pupil Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is intended as a guide to all pupils. It sets out standards of conduct which pupils are expected to follow when involved in Dramatis activities. Pupils are requested to read this Code carefully and consider the issues it raises and should seek advice and guidance if necessary.

Dramatis pupils will comply with the following:

• Be polite and respectful and kind to everyone including fellow pupils and Dramatis workers.
• Follow instructions and class guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.
• Our classes may involve physical theatre. Physical contact that makes you uncomfortable or may harm others is not acceptable.
• Do not be a bully and if you see someone being bullied, immediately report it to your Dramatis Teacher.
• Phones should not be used in class. Please keep them on the side in silent mode.
• Photographs must not be taken of fellow pupils at Dramatis without their permission or placed on social media.
• All pupils are encouraged to be present and prompt. Dramatis attendance and participation in class is an essential part of the learning and rehearsal process. This is necessary for pupil success and will achieve the best results from your time at Dramatis.
• Do not become a distraction for others. Give every other pupil the opportunity to maximize their potential.
• Encourage your fellow pupils.
• Represent yourself in a manner that you will be proud of. Take advantage of the opportunities you have at Dramatis. The skills you learn will be valuable throughout your life.