School Workshops

Dramatis School Workshops allow teachers to add an extra level of fun to the school curriculum!

Workshops can be tailored to topics that students are working on; from cultures and traditions to fairy tales and historical events.

Key Benefits to Teacher/School

  1. Workshops assist in implementing the statutory requirements for years 1-6 learning (these include speaking skills, listening and responding skills, group discussion and interaction as well as presenting and roleplay)
  2. Workshops are fully supervised, allowing teachers their PPA time
  3. Workshops can be personalised to the teacher/school’s aims

A typical 3 hour School Workshop consists of:

*script work (30 minutes)
*collaborative exercises/games (30 minutes)
*group discussion and brainstorming (30 minutes)
*role play (30 minutes)
*devised work (30 minutes)
*small group showcase (30 minutes)

“Suzy worked with an enthusiastic group of children aged between 9 – 11. She was keen to involve them in the script-writing process as well as developing their dramatic expression. The children were able to improvise and the script was developed with their interests in mind. Suzy has a natural rapport with young people and I would recommend her as a drama teacher.”
Peter Edgington
Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School (Bognor Regis)

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