Youth Drama Classes

Dramatis Youth Classes provide a fun and supportive environment to encourage children to express themselves. From movement and mime to script work and improvisation, pupils will go on a theatrical journey together!

But it’s not all fun and games…following the Trinity and LAMDA syllabus, classes will also include performance and exam work.

All age groups work towards a full school end of year performance that takes place in December. This brings all Dramatis pupils together to showcase to friends and family what they have learnt over the year.

The National (ages 5-6)
At this age, children are just getting their on their performance feet and so we spend time using fun exercises and games to build their confidence to stand up in front of an audience. We also work on their listening and responding skills in order to work as a team. Each term, we work towards a mini in-class performance.

The Royal Court (ages 7-9)
This age range is starting to understand and build their concept of acting and so for this group, we work on the building blocks of drama such as characterisation, improvisation, storytelling and basic scripts. At this age, we work with pupils to develop their confidence to perform on stage.

The Globe (ages 10-12)
Pupils are now starting to develop their ideas and drama skills. At this point we work with pupils to build on their characterisation skills, learning new techniques such as tableau, flashback, and soundscapes. We work to develop their improvisation skills; looking at how to extend and create more exciting improv.

The Barbican (ages 13-15)
Pupils at this age are working at a higher level of understanding. So at this stage, we go more in-depth with them; learning how to interpret a script and develop devising skills. We look at symbolism, metaphors and different styles of theatre. Here we might start to bring in the work of drama practitioners such as Stanislavki and Brecht to understand naturalistic as well as representational acting but in a fun and lighthearted way.

Bognor Regis Classes

The National (ages 5-6)
Thursdays from 4.45pm to 5.45pm (The Regis School)

The Royal Court (ages 7-9)
Mondays from 4.45pm to 5.45pm (The Regis School)

The Globe (ages 10-12)
Mondays from 6pm to 7pm (The Regis School)

The Barbican (Ages 13-15)
Fridays 6pm to 7pm (The Regis School)

Term Times
All classes run weekly during term time (as per the below dates).

14th Sept to 18th Dec 2020
Note: Half term is 26th Oct to 30th Oct (no classes during this time)*

4th Jan to 1 April 2021
Note: Half term is 15th to 19th Feb (no classes during this time)*

19th April to 23rd July 2021
Note: Half term is 31st May to 4th June (no classes during this time)*

Take a look at our HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS for drama sessions running during half term/school holidays)

Dramatis Youth Classes are charged at £100 per full term.  We also run a number of special offers throughout the year:

OFFER 1: Sharing’s Caring
Share our Dramatis advert on your Facebook page (tagging in 3 friends who might be interested in coming along) and enjoy a discounted rate of £80 for a future full term.

OFFER 2: Bring a Buddy
Introduce a friend (who pays for a full term) and get a free term for yourself! It’s up to you if you then split that cost with your friend 😉

Please note, in event of Covid restrictions, these courses will continue online (we will not be able to refund money).

Contact us HERE for more information.